Aquacultura Indonesiana (2008), 9 (1) : 39a��47

Peranan Nutrisi dan Teknik Pemberian Pakan dalam Peningkatan ProduksiA�Akuakultur yang Berkelanjutan

Agung Sudaryono

Program Studi Akuakultur, Jurusan Perikanan FPIK Universitas Diponegoro
Jl. Hayam Wuruk 4A, Semarang


Agung Sudaryono. 2008. Roles of nutrition and feeding technique in improvement of sustainable aquacultureA�production. Aquacultura Indonesiana, 9 (1): 39a��47. All aquaculture production under an intensive system dependsA�on a controlled management of feeding practices which should provide for the essential nutrients and energy in theA�most acceptable form and manner. It is clearly agreed that global aquaculture production will continue to increase,A�and much of this will occur in the developing countries of Asia and Africa, through the expansion of semi-intensive,A�small-scale pond aquaculture. Aquaculture has a major role in ensuring nutritional security of humans. NutritionA�and feeding play a central and essential role in the sustained development of aquaculture and, therefore, fertilizersA�and feed resources continue to dominate aquaculture needs. This paper reviews a number of specific issues in theA�fields of aquatic animal nutrition and feeding which are critical for sustainable aquaculture production in bothA�industrialized and developing countries, e.g.: the importance of nutrition and feeding on productivity, environmentalA�and product quality and food safety; the functional role of nutrition in ensuring complete domestication includingA�reproductive success and larval development; and feed technology and management of feeding practices. InA�conclusion, more pay attention should be addressed to aquaculturists in order to have carefully in assessing theA�impact of nutrient loading in the aquatic environment and use both science and judgment for reducing suchA�impacts. Furthermore, a careful balance between environment, health/disease resistance and feed use should beA�maintained, so that the system does not deteriorate and negatively impact market value and consumer confidence.A�Recommendations for improvement of nutrition and feeding protocols in support of sustainable aquacultureA�development are also made.

Keywords: Sustainable Aquaculture; Environment; Nutrition; Feeding; Production

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