Aquacultura Indonesiana (2005), 6 (3) : 115a��121

Eggs and Pre Larvae Development for Humpback Grouper,A�Cromileptes altivelis, (Valencee) Larvae

U. Bulanin1, C. R. Saad2, M. S. Kamarudin2, R. Affandi3 and A. Sudaryono4

1) Department of Aquaculture, Faculty of Fisheries, Bung Hatta University, Indonesia,
2) Department of Agrotechnology, Faculty of Agriculture, UPM, Malaysia
3) Department Aquatic Resources Management, Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science,
Bogor Agiculture University, Indonesia.
4) Department of Animal Science, Faculty of Agriculture, UNDIP, Semarang


U. Bulanin, C.R. Saad, M.S. Kamarudin, R. Affandi and A. Sudaryono. 2005. Eggs and pre A�larvae developmentA�for humpback grouper, Cromileptes altivelis, (Valencee) larvae, Aquacultura Indonesiana, 6 (3): 115a��121. ThisA�experiment were conducted to determine the embryonic and pre-larvae development for humpback grouper,A�Cromileptes altivelis, under controlled condition. The above study was carried out from spawning of A�broodstocksA�to obtain the fertilized eggs till fully yolk sac and oil droplet absorption. The results showed that the mean diameterA�of humpback grouper egg was 828.69 i�� 45.91 i?�m. The fertilized eggs hatched in 20 hour 10 minutes at the temperatureA�of 27 to 28o C. The hatched larvae had a mean length of 1.86 mm, and a mean height of 0.460 mm. The yolk sacs andA�oil droplets were totally utilized after 63 and 65 hour after hatching (HAH), respectively. One day larvae had anA�average length and height of 2.253 mm, and 0.615 mm, respectively.

Keywords: Humpback Grouper (Cromileptes altivelis); Larvae; Hatching; Egg

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